Femtech brand Elvie has recently released a report titled “The Motherload: The weight of limited postpartum support,” in partnership with Mother.ly, shedding light on the challenges faced by mothers during pregnancy and postpartum. The report, based on a survey of over 1,000 women with children, offers a factual overview of the significant hurdles encountered by mothers.

As a female-founded company committed to leveraging technology for women’s health, Elvie’s report aims to highlight the intersection of maternal health challenges and technological solutions. The survey, conducted in February 2024, underscores the reliance of mothers on family support and technology while revealing gaps in support from healthcare providers, employers, and governmental policies.

“With this new research, we’re demonstrating something those mothers already know: postpartum care in the US is simply not good enough.” says Tania Boler, Founder & President of Elvie. “While they rely on and are comfortable with technology, whether it be a pump, ovulation tracker or pregnancy app, there’s an increase in frustration surrounding unexpected challenges and unknowns when it comes to their maternal health.

“Women are looking to feel as sure in their doctors as they are in their trusted technology. But today’s current maternal health issues – from lack of education and paid leave to physical and mental challenges – are having a tremendous impact on how women navigate both the pre- and post-natal landscape. Better medical, social, and governmental aid are crucial to empower the women raising the next generation.”

The report identifies several key challenges:

Boobie Trapped: Breastfeeding complications are prevalent, leading to premature cessation due to factors such as insufficient supply and lack of support.

Let’s (Not) Talk About Pelvic Floor: Despite the prevalence of pelvic floor issues post-birth, treatment options and discussions with healthcare providers are lacking.

Mental vs. Physical: Mental health complications postpartum are widespread, yet access to professional mental health support remains limited.

It’s All About Family: While partners and families play a crucial role in providing support, structural support systems often fall short.

We Get Technology, but What Are the Rules?: While technology serves as a vital resource for postpartum recovery, awareness of postpartum policy solutions remains low among mothers.

Unsupportive Complications: Lack of strong structural support and poor paid maternity leave policies exacerbate postpartum challenges.

To mark the release of the new report Elvie is also unveiling their first-ever billboard in Times Square, to show its commitment to women and the postpartum challenges they face. The billboard’s creative will include an animation flipping through a variety of words relating to challenges that the majority of women in the report faced such as “Baby Blues,” “Bleeding,” “Loneliness,” “Breastfeeding,” and more, to bring to life the often undiscussed issues discussed in the report.

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