In 1977 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made a decision to exclude “women of childbearing potential from participation in clinical trials”. The reasoning at the time? Male and female bodies are pretty much the same and hormonal fluctuations during a menstrual cycle would only complicate analysis of any data collected — and increase costs. Plus, the risk of including women of reproductive age in trials and potentially affecting their fertility was seen to be greater than any potential benefits. It was only in 1993 when these restrictions were lifted. Finally, new rules were put in place requiring evidence of how a drug’s efficacy was affected by age, sex and race.

The 1977 policy may be history, but, as with all other systemic inequalities, its consequences are not. The exclusion of women from clinical trials for nearly two decades has limited our understanding of female bodies and health outcomes. Women’s health research continues to struggle to attract interest, resources and funding.

Tech4Eva Virtual Roadshow: Boston Edition

On November 17th Tech4Eva’s Virtual Roadshow: Boston Edition is bringing together the femtech ecosystem and community to explore ways towards more equality in women’s health research. Health research experts in the field from institutions such as Harvard Medical SchoolIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Northwestern University will share their insights and learnings.

Besides discussion on health research equity, startups will also have an opportunity to explore ways to scale via U.S. investment. Participating investors in the event include Coyote VentureJoyance Partners & Ataraxia, Rhia Ventures as well as Embr Labs, one of the the participants in Tech4Eva‘s accelerator growth stage cohort.

Tech4Eva’s Virtual Roadshow: Boston Edition is an opportunity to connect and share insights with the global femtech community including investors, corporates, academia, research, and founders of the 15-growth stage Tech4Eva start-ups developing innovative solutions for the most pressing needs in women’s health.

Curious and interested in attending? You can find more information and register for free here:

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