PwC’s Health Research Institute has recently released the results of a survey among more than 2500 Americans. The goal was to understand whether the changes in consumer health behavior observed during the COVID-19 pandemic are here to stay.

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the economy, the way we work and the health system. A comparison by PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI) of American consumer sentiment before and during the pandemic reveals that people are accessing health information in new ways. Their trust has shifted as well. HRI, which surveyed 2,533 Americans between April 2 and 8, found that employers could play a greater role than ever in their employees’ health.

The delivery of care may look very different after the pandemic, HRI found. Much has been reported about the explosion of telehealth since the crisis began. HRI’s consumer survey found that new telehealth users include generally healthy people looking for a quick sick-care visit and, critically, people with more complex medical conditions who need to manage their health.

HRI also found that American consumers are taking on a more active role in the health system. For example, many people are willing to participate in clinical trials or share their personal data to help discover new treatments or ways of delivering care.

HRI’s results signal that US businesses could play an even bigger role in protecting the health of their workers, that the health system likely will make more room for telehealth and other forms of virtual care, and that the American consumer may take a more active role in managing health and participating in a system that is being remade.


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