In a move set to advance pediatric care accessibility, Summer Health, a digital health company, has announced the successful closure of its Series A funding round, securing an impressive $11.65 million. Spearheaded by new investor 7wire Ventures and backed by returning investor Lux Capital, this funding marks a significant milestone for the company’s mission to provide round-the-clock pediatric support to parents. The Series A round saw participation from a prestigious lineup of investors, including Sequoia Capital, Metrodora Ventures, Box Group, Shrug Capital, Pivotal Ventures, and Leaps by Bayer.

At the core of Summer Health’s offering is a text-based companion service that acts as an immediate support system for parents, effectively eliminating the need for unnecessary medical visits. Since its inception in July 2022, the company’s flagship product has empowered thousands of parents with prompt, 24/7 access to medical guidance, prescribing medications seamlessly when needed. According to Dr. Ali Alhassani, MD F.A.A.P., who leads Summer Health’s clinical team common issues addressed by parents through the platform are nutrition-related queries, concerns about allergies and sleep training.

With the impending doctor shortage projected to reach up to 86,000 physicians by 2036, Summer Health’s innovative approach couldn’t be timelier. By expanding its distribution channels through both consumer and employer networks, the company aims to bridge the gap in pediatric care access, ensuring that every child receives the attention and support they deserve.

“Summer Health was created by parents, for parents, to make daily life just a little bit simpler. What’s so special about this group of investors is that they’re all parents, and every single one of them actively uses the product,” said Summer Health’s CEO Ellen DaSilva.

“As a pediatrician, I’ve witnessed first-hand how long parents would need to wait for appointments for their child to be seen in person,” said Dr. Ali Alhassani, head of clinical for Summer Health. “So many of these issues could be addressed from the comfort of home, and that’s why I joined Summer Health.”

Summer Health’s trusted brand has laid the groundwork for deep longitudinal care for all families. On a personal note, I’ve been using the service since Day One and can’t imagine life without it,” said Alyssa Jaffee, general partner with 7wire Ventures. “Professionally, we are delighted to be part of Summer Health’s journey as it scales to more parents and their families, and we deeply believe in the need for more investment and innovation in pediatrics.”

“Summer Health’s growth is evidence that the company has tapped into a real and growing need,” said Deena Shakir, general partner at Lux. And “I’m proud to say that this round is being co-led by two moms of three kids and the company led by another—between us, 9 children and a lifetime of user feedback.

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