ASPIVIX, a medical technology company focused on innovations in women’s healthcare and maker of the new generation of non-traumatic cervix stabilizer CAREVIX has raised $5 million in Series A+ funding led by HEMEX. Other participants in the round include existing investors 4FOx ventures and Zürcher Kantonalbank, as well as new investor LaunchPad APAC.

ASPIVIX will use this new investment to enter the market in Europe and the US. Additionally, the company will invest in R&D to expand its existing product line and generate additional clinical data in the US. This will allow Aspivix to continue giving women gentler and safer access to gynecological procedures and contraception.

In addition, a EUREKA-EUROSTARS grant, co-funded by Innosuisse, will enable ASPIVIX to pursue new product development and strengthen its technological edge. “This grant will allow ASPIVIX to boost our research and materialize our goal for a Gynecology, now modern!” explained Julien Finci, co-founder, and CTO.

ASPIVIX’s vision is to empower women with gentler and safer gynecological procedures through clinically proven technologies. “The trust from our existing and new investors is a great motivation to realize our vision in women’s health and make a difference for millions of women worldwide” co-founder and CEO Mathieu Horras added.

“We are very impressed with the excellent clinical outcomes ASPIVIX has demonstrated with CAREVIX in gynecological procedures like intra-uterine device insertion.” adds Pascal Winnen, CEO of Hemex AG and new Board Member at Aspivix. “We believe that the significant reduction in pain and bleeding, will allow many more women to choose this safe and efficacious method of contraception.”

“As an original investor in Aspivix, we are pleased with the progress of this company. This follow-up investment will allow the company to reach its patients and allow women to benefit from their wonderful innovations.” says Jean-Pierre Rosat, General Partner of 4FOx Ventures.

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