Aisle Co-founders Suzanne Siemens and Madeleine Shaw. Image: Aisle

Canada-based Somedays has acquired Aisle, a B-Corp period care company. Somedays, founded three years ago and known for its natural approach to menstrual pain relief, brings a unique perspective to menstrual wellness. Aisle, established in 1993 as a period underwear brand, has a long-standing reputation in the industry for its sustainable and inclusive cycle care products.

With this acquisition, the two companies aim to combine their strengths and expertise to offer an expanded range of period care products. Somedays’ vision for the future of menstrual wellness includes not only continuing its line of natural pain relief products but also venturing into menstrual healthcare services, thereby offering more comprehensive support to their customer base.

Somedays, under the leadership of CEO Lux Perry, plans to leverage this acquisition to drive innovation and product development in the period care industry: “The philosophy underpinning this acquisition prioritizes keeping reproductive health businesses in the hands of those they serve and celebrating an impact-based brand that has been at the forefront of the menstrual health movement for decades. It may sound idealistic, but I believe that good business and good values are not mutually exclusive. The strategic aspect of the deal lies in the synergy of the two company’s shared audiences and complimentary product lines.”

Aisle Co-founder Suzanne Siemens adds: “Aisle’s story is deeply rooted in menstrual equity and advocacy. As we pass the torch to Lux, we are confident that the vision of universal, sustainable access to menstrual care we’ve championed will continue to flourish for generations to come.”

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