Solarea Bio, a US-based clinical-stage biotech company, is pioneering a new approach to bone health management with the beta launch of Bondia. The company is dedicated to leveraging microbial diversity to develop innovative solutions for managing inflammatory diseases. Through its consumer health brand, Journa, the company aims to improve human wellbeing with clinically tested and naturally formulated medical food products. Bondia, a novel daily synbiotic capsule aims to address bone loss in peri- and postmenopausal women, a common yet often overlooked health concern.

Image: Solarea Bio

Bondia is the first product under Solarea Bio’s consumer health brand, Journa. Developed using fruit and vegetable-derived microbes, Bondia is clinically validated to manage postmenopausal bone loss through dietary intervention. The daily synbiotic capsule contains a blend of probiotic bacteria, yeast, and prebiotic plant fibers designed to reduce inflammation and regulate osteoclast activity, the cells responsible for bone breakdown.

To evaluate the effectiveness and customer experience of Bondia, Solarea Bio has recently initiated a private beta program. Participants in the beta program will receive complimentary supplies of Bondia for two months and have access to the Journa mobile app for recording their experiences and receiving guidance. For participants seeking a comprehensive approach to bone health management, Solarea Bio offers the Complete Beta Journey. This extended program includes a 12-month supply of Bondia, access to the Journa app, and complimentary full body DEXA scans at the start and end of the program. DEXA scans, provided through a partnership with DexaFit, offer a comprehensive assessment of bone mineral density, muscle mass, and fat composition.

“Journa is creating a novel product experience with Bondia, its first product. The Complete Beta Journey aims to combine the synbiotic oral capsules, a mobile phone app and a DEXA scan in a unique experience. This will enable our customers to further take control of their menopausal journey by tracking their health with full body DEXA scans in combination with the app and oral capsules,” says Gerardo V. Toledo, PhD, the CEO and co-founder of Solarea Bio.

In preparation for its private beta program, Bondia medical food is currently undergoing a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical food trial in 286 early postmenopausal women. Adds Eric Schott, PhD, the COO and co-founder of Solarea Bio, “Bondia has been extensively characterized using in vitroin vivo, preclinical models, and rigorous randomized clinical food trials in partnership with leading institutions and now is ready to be tested by customers. The product is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and has an excellent tolerability profile.”

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