Signos, a comprehensive metabolic health platform that includes a proprietary AI-engine with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to provide real-time data and recommendations for healthy weight management, announced $20 million in Series B funding to respond to the obesity and metabolic health crisis plaguing the US. This new round will allow Signos to expand its core team and platform and conduct additional research on metabolic health. The round was led by Cheyenne Ventures and GV (Google Ventures), with additional funding from Dexcom Ventures and Samsung Next.

Glucose management and weight gain is a continuing challenge – over 96 million Americans are prediabetic, and it’s estimated that 1 billion people are projected to have diabetes by 2050. With early detection and simple lifestyle changes, Signos currently offers a metabolic-led solution to reverse prediabetes and aid those on their weight loss journey. Previously only available for non-diabetics, Signos expanded its weight management platform to support people living with Type 2 diabetes in May 2023.

The Signos app enables members to log what they eat and how much they exercise, allowing the Signos AI platform to learn how one’s metabolism reacts to different foods and fitness patterns. Signos then provides data-driven personalized recommendations based on an individual’s unique metabolic profile. “Sleep, stress, exercise, and diet all influence how high and sustained one’s glucose spikes can be. We often don’t realize that people make around 227 food-related decisions a day. By providing glucose visibility, tracking and AI-driven proactive suggestions, Signos can help you navigate those choices for better health,” said Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer, CEO of Signos.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Signos takes a data-driven approach to weight and overall health, which has the potential to create strong, long-lasting outcomes for people everywhere,” said Jay Fulcher, Managing Partner, Cheyenne Ventures. “Signos is changing how people approach everyday decisions—about diet, exercise, sleep, etc.—by providing a deeper understanding of metabolic health and personalized weight care.”

About Signos

Launched in 2018, Signos combines continuous glucose information with an AI-enhanced app to offer revolutionary continuous data and recommendations designed to drive healthy and sustained weight loss. With over 75% of the American adult population overweight or obese, Signos provides a new way to act on the body’s unique glucose responses to enable weight loss and help people kickstart a healthier life. Signos was founded by a team that brings deep expertise in applying data and AI to build engaging experiences with technology to improve health outcomes. To learn more, visit

About Cheyenne Ventures

Cheyenne Ventures is a new venture capital firm with a unique strategy focused on expansion stage technology companies (cloud, AI, consumer, enterprise, healthcare). CV is dedicated to supporting life changing companies that redefine a new generation of technology, consumer products and healthcare solutions. To learn more, visit

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