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Today’s featured funder is Rina Obi, Principal at Global Brain.

Rina Obi, Principal at Global Brain

Tell us a little more about yourself! How did you get into investing?

After working at a tech giant, startup, and CVC fund, the lack of cultural diversity and female representation on both founder and investment side, as well as the thin support network, was bothering me. More diverse VCs mean more diverse entrepreneurs get funded. So I started with myself to make the change, made the leap to the VC side to help great ideas thrive.

Which fund do you work with and what is your investment thesis?

My firm Global Brain is a large Japanese VC, market agnostic, AUM $1.3Bn, managing a pure VC fund and 7 CVC funds. Early stage focus (Post-Seed/Series A/B). Avg check size $1-5M, no lead. I look at European investments, focused on deep tech, fintech, health, and enterprise.

Why are you interested in the femtech space?

I’m very interested in the femtech space! Pretty new to the field, but we have a high interest as part of our firm’s health & life science focus.

What companies are you currently looking for?

Market agnostic business models with potential for international expansion in Post-Seed/Series A stages.

What’s the best way to get in touch with you or your fund and how do you prefer to be pitched?

Connect with me on LinkedIn – Shoot me an intro with a summary of your biz model, and happy to jump on a call!

Thank you, Rina!

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