Ranjani Sundar is currently conducting research for a dissertation that will explore the intersection of women’s health and digital health tools in the female reproductive industry. She is a Masters student studying Bioscience Enterprise at the University of Cambridge

Her goal is to understand the habits of women when it comes to their reproductive health. Currently, resources for women’s reproductive health are scattered. It can be difficult to know which sources to trust on the internet or even what to search. While there are apps available that allow women to track their menstrual cycles and symptoms, many apps do not educate women about how irregular cycles can be symptomatic of endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, or other uterine conditions. 

Many of the apps currently on the market have been created by men, who may not have a nuanced understand of the resources that can best support women in the reproductive health journey. 

Ranjani Sundar

As a result, she’s interested in learning more about what information and service resources women would like when learning about their own reproductive health, for anything ranging from mobile gynecologist appointments to endometriosis diagnostic screening. She believes that this information will eventually help femtech founders create more targeted products. 

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