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ReproTech, a company in the field of cryogenic storage of human reproductive tissue, has announced the launch of its new subsidiary, Cryo-Logix. The initiative aims to provide In vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics with a comprehensive end-to-end cryostorage solution, addressing a long-standing need in the fertility sector.

Cryo-Logix emerges as a separate entity under the ReproTech umbrella, with a dedicated focus on enhancing the efficiency and care quality in IVF clinics. One of the significant challenges in the fertility industry has been the management of administrative tasks related to cryostorage. Cryo-Logix is set to tackle this by handling various aspects such as invoicing, collections, patient outreach, logistics, and the disposition of cryogenic inventory.

Brad Senstra, Chief Executive Officer of ReproTech, said: “IVF clinics have been searching for a best-in-class end-to-end cryostorage solution that reduces the risks of storing human tissue on-site at fertility clinics. As the undisputed experts in long-term cryogenic storage, we created Cryo-Logix to meet this critical need and to provide peace of mind for clinic staff who wake up every day with the singular goal of helping to ensure that their patients receive the highest levels of care and treatment.”

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