R2G has just released a new report outlining how digital health can support the management of the Coronavirus pandemic. The company is currently screening and evaluating best practice digital health solutions globally, supporting the Corona crisis management. This white paper provides the first categorization of digital health solutions along the patient journey.

What to expect from this report:

The COVID-19 virus is spreading around the world. Governments, healthcare providers, and businesses are establishing drastic measures to slow down the spreading of the virus. The digital health industry is currently rushing to expand their service offerings to support the management of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the outbreak started in China and spread into neighboring countries, the East Asian digital service providers have been the first to react, and could now act as examples, or even best practice cases for others in the world.

The sustainability of the new service offerings will depend crucially on the duration of the crisis. In any case, some solutions have already proven to make a significant contribution to overcoming the crisis, as long as it continues. The aim of this white paper is to track current digital health’s contribution to the Corona crisis management and provide first guidelines to key stakeholders on how to react.

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