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Queen V was founded in California by Lauren Steinberg as a response to her frustration at finding a feminine wellness solution that was safe, easy to use, affordable, and effective. Through conversation with her gynecologist, Steinberg grew to understand the importance of the vaginal pH and microbiome, and how this precious balance was vital in fending off the frequent yeast infections and UTIs she suffered from. After not finding a solution on the market, Lauren set out to create her own. With the launch of Queen V in 2018, Lauren introduced the affordable, effective and pH balanced feminine sexual health solutions she craved.

Last year, following a successful launch in the US in 2018, Reckitt, the global consumer goods company specializing in health and hygiene, acquired Queen V. The brand sits within Reckitt’s Global Health Unit, alongside intimate wellness leaders such as K-Y and Durex.

“We welcome Queen V into the Reckitt family and have been working closely to build on the incredible product line Lauren Steinberg introduced to the market. Reckitt is proud to support innovative and purpose-driven brands, as well as female founders,” says Olga Osminkina-Jones, Global Chief Category Growth Officer – Intimate Wellness, Reckitt. “We see tremendous potential for Queen V to help us change the face of the category, it’s reason for being and impact on women’s approach to feminine intimate wellness.”

Since the acquisition, Reckitt and Queen V have been working together to reformulate Queen V products to support and maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome and will continue to be pH balanced and free from harsh chemicals and fragrances. Queen V is returning to shelves with products, designed specifically with the vaginal microbiome in mind.

At launch the Queen V portfolio includes seven products: V Intimate Wipes, Cleansing Bars, an Intimate Wash, Probiotic Supplements, a Bubble Bath, a Water-Based V-Lubricant, and a Cranberry & Lactobacillus Supplement.

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