In 2018 and 2019 the pumpspotting team travelled the US stopping in over 60 cities and meeting with thousands of parents. They set out to listen, learn, connect, and give mothers the support and nourishment they so deserve in a peaceful, restorative space. Image: pumpspotting

In a move that highlights the growing need for comprehensive breastfeeding support, especially for working mothers, pumpspotting has announced a $2.2M Series Seed II funding round. Led by Sincere Corporation and Maine Venture Fund, the investment round also saw participation from Unum Business Ventures and Maine Technology Institute.

Pumpspotting offers a tech-enabled program that aids companies in establishing inclusive, feeding-friendly cultures. It provides continuous, community-centric support and expert guidance to parents, while also helping companies adhere to federal, state, and city laws concerning lactation support. The platform serves as a bridge between employers and parents, making the complex baby-feeding journey a bit easier for everyone involved.

The funding comes at a crucial time when legislation such as the PUMP Act and Pregnant Workers Fairness Act are garnering attention. These laws underscore the increasing necessity for employers to support lactating parents within their organizations. As the US care economy is on track to reach $6 trillion, companies are recognizing the untapped business potential in offering supportive family benefits.

“Over the past eight years, we have watched a transformation begin as organizations of all sizes recognize the necessity and importance of supporting parents on feeding journeys,” said pumpspotting Founder & CEO Amy VanHaren. “We’re excited to be leading the way with a business solution that bridges the gap between companies and parents, not only supporting compliance but also signaling inclusion and support of breastfeeding workers feeding both family and career.”

Founded in 2015, pumpspotting has already had a significant impact by serving over 70,000 parents and partnering with companies to implement extensive lactation programs. These programs don’t just meet compliance standards; they actively contribute to creating an inclusive environment and demonstrate a firm commitment to supporting women and families.

The new funding aims to accelerate pumpspotting’s enterprise capabilities and broaden their commercial product offerings. One of the planned launches is pumpspotting Health Care, which aims to extend the platform’s services to the retail and healthcare sectors.

While pumpspotting initially gained traction for its workplace lactation programs, the company has been extending its reach beyond traditional office environments. For instance, a community-driven partnership with the Waukesha, WI Breastfeeding Coalition provides support to all people living and working in Waukesha County, WI. In a first-of-its-kind move, the Portland Sea Dogs, a minor league baseball team, offered pumpspotting to all their fans on Mother’s Day 2023. Workplaces like DraftKings, Consigli Construction, and Ally Logistics have also embraced pumpspotting to foster a more inclusive culture.

Mickey DeJong, Head of Culture and Special Projects at Ally Logistics, noted: “Offering benefits like pumpspotting to employees is a great way to approach benefits from an inclusive perspective. It made a significant difference in my return to work transition after having my second baby.”

Matt Douglas, Founder & CEO of Sincere Corporation, shares: “Sincere is a family of brands with heart. Our investment in pumpspotting is part of our commitment to grow technology that supports families during important life milestones,” said Matt Douglas, Founder & CEO, Sincere Corporation. “The team at pumpspotting has built a strong community-driven product and we’re excited to continue to support them in the next chapter of their growth.”

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