When Suzanne Sinatra started Private Packs in January 2017 with a mission to relieve vulvas everywhere of symptoms like swelling, pain, and dryness, she didn’t know, that life was about to throw her a curveball. In August of the same year, 2 weeks before the original launch date of her new venture, Sinatra was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation for 9 months and completed the last successful surgery in March 2019. Did that stop her? Absolutely not.

On September 19, only a few months later, Sinatra is back and ready to start a vulva care revolution as her company Private Packs launches its heating and cooling gel pads for women’s intimate body parts exclusively on Indiegogo. The campaign has since reached its $ 10,000 USD funding goal.

Women all over the world at one point have experienced vaginal discomfort, with as many as 14 million women in the United States experiencing chronic vulva pain as a result of vulvodynia. Rather than using bulky electric heating pads or shoving frozen vegetables down there, Private Packs is completely reimagining the outdated do-it-yourself solutions that women have been using for decades to get vulva relief. Their natural, safe and non-invasive gel pads help women that suffer from symptoms such as swelling, itching, inflammation or soreness related to Bacterial vaginosis, sexually transmitted infections, yeast infections, vaginal dryness, vaginal childbirth, post-sex, dyspareunia or pubic area hair removal. The brand’s food-grade therapy pads are wearable, discreet and reusable.

As part of their launch campaign, Private Packs caught up with Adam and Eve and proves, that yeast infections are a reality for all women – even those living in paradise…

Want to learn more? Check out Private Packs’s Indiegogo Campaign or head on over to Forbes Women to read about Suzanne Sinatra’s journey and the obstacles she had to overcome to get Private Packs off the ground.

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