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Playground, a sexual wellness brand co-founded by Christina Aguilera, has announced a partnership with the Center for Intimacy Justice as part of its mission to destigmatize discussions about sexuality and promote better sexual health for women. The brand, known for its water-based personal lubricants, is celebrating the launch of Pillow Talk, a new product inspired by Aguilera. The release is accompanied by the “1-888-PLY-GRND” campaign, a reimagined 90s-style sex hotline featuring Aguilera, designed to encourage open, censorship-free dialogues around women’s sexual health.

Campaign and Hotline

The “1-888-PLY-GRND” hotline offers callers bedroom tips from Aguilera, opportunities to win personal consultations, and insights into Playground’s mission to address regulatory barriers surrounding sexual wellness discussions. This initiative addresses statistics showing that over half of high school graduates lack sex education, and 62% of adult couples struggle to discuss sex openly with their partners.

Christina Aguilera, Playground’s Chief Brand Advisor, explains the campaign’s importance: “For our next release with Playground, we are proud to be launching our newest product, Pillow Talk Personal Lubricant – alongside an inspiring campaign that encompasses everything I have always believed in about sex and sexual health. This campaign speaks directly to women, encouraging better conversations and challenging the culture of shame surrounding women’s sexual health and pleasure, all while contributing to an impactful cause.”

Partnership with Center for Intimacy Justice

Playground’s partnership with the Center for Intimacy Justice, a non-profit dedicated to fighting censorship in women’s sexual health, also begins with the launch of Pillow Talk. Playground will donate 1% of net revenue from each product sold to support nonprofits aligned with its mission.

Catherine Magee, CEO and Co-Founder of Playground, commented: “We’re excited to partner with the Center for Intimacy Justice as we continue to push for decreased restriction of women’s sexual health information. When identifying a partner to kick off our social mission, the Center for Intimacy Justice’s work felt serendipitous to what has always been our priority at Playground – our dedication and advocacy for women’s health. We look forward to combining our efforts to push much-needed change forward.”

Jackie Rotman, CEO and Founder of the Center for Intimacy Justice, added: “We’re thrilled to be Playground’s first non-profit partner and have the ability to amplify another voice committed to equality and well-being in people’s intimate lives. The generous ongoing donation from Playground will not only help provide accessible sexual wellness information across all channels but will also seek to change and challenge the injustice of censorship directed at women’s sexual health.”

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