Granata Bio, a biopharma company specializing in fertility medications, has announced the closure of a $14 million Series A funding round. Led by GV (Google Ventures), this funding round includes significant contributions from CooperSurgical, Gedeon Richter, Alumni Ventures, Amboy Street Ventures, Vibe Bio, and others. The investment aims to accelerate the development of Granata Bio’s fertility biopharma pipeline, addressing a critical gap in the $3.6 billion global infertility medication market.

In the United States, infertility impacts about one in five women, who struggle to conceive after a year of trying, as per the 2023 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A significant portion of these infertility cases stems from ovulatory problems, a challenge that has seen limited advancement in terms of treatment solutions. Granata Bio, established in 2018, seeks to address this gap by focusing on innovative fertility medications. To date, the company has developed a diverse portfolio of four medications, including both commercialized products and those in early development stages.

“Despite significant growth in patient volume over the last ten years, infertility has been woefully overlooked and under-supported. We’re excited about the focus and innovation Granata Bio is bringing to this space and – most importantly – new options for patient care. We look forward to partnering with Evan Sussman and the Granata Bio team as they advance women’s health,” says Cathy Friedman, Executive Venture Partner at GV.

The Granata Bio leadership team brings more than 75 years of experience in fertility, with expertise in clinical development, regulatory strategy, and commercialization. Granata Bio will leverage the new capital to progress its existing pipeline, evaluate new targets and expand the team.

“Granata is taking a novel approach to both address current market dynamics and to develop unique products targeting unmet needs in women’s health,” says CEO Evan Sussman. “This funding is an exciting next step toward our mission of creating access for fertility patients with new therapeutic solutions.”

The new funding will enable Granata Bio to further its research and development in fertility treatments. The company’s experienced leadership team, with extensive backgrounds in fertility, clinical development, regulatory strategy, and commercialization, now plans to use the funds to progress their existing medication pipeline and explore new therapeutic targets. The investment will also support the expansion of the company’s team.

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