Digital health company, Pear Suite, has partnered with OutCare Health, an LGBTQ+ health equity nonprofit organization, to enhance LGBTQ+ healthcare accessibility through a social care navigation platform. The announcement, made during Pride Month, builds upon OutCare Health’s robust eight-year legacy of connecting the LGBTQ+ community with an affirming network of healthcare providers across the US.

Pear Suite has carved a niche in empowering community health workers to address the social determinants of health (SDOH) and will leverage its expertise to help OutCare Health magnify its impact. Through this collaboration, OutCare Health will utilize Pear Suite’s platform to interpret SDOH data, thus allowing healthcare organizations, employers, and health plans to better cater to the unique healthcare needs of the LGBTQ+ community.

The navigation platform promises a streamlined, inclusive experience by linking patients to LGBTQ+ affirming healthcare providers, community health resources, mentors, support groups, and more. The collaboration will effectively broaden OutCare Health’s outreach, providing a more comprehensive, affirming, and inclusive healthcare service to the LGBTQ+ community nationwide.

Colby Takeda, Co-Founder and CEO of Pear Suite, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are honored to join forces with OutCare Health to advance LGBTQ+ healthcare. In addition to collaborating to bolster OutCare Health’s care navigation services, we are adding the company’s comprehensive and invaluable training, LGBTQ+ affirming provider network, and resources for Pear Suite customers to utilize, further expanding LGBTQ+ care across the country.”

Dustin Nowaskie, MD, Founder and President of OutCare Health, highlighted the significance of the collaboration, particularly in light of the evolving landscape of gender-affirming care legislation. They stated, “Partnering with Pear Suite allows us to amplify our mission of creating equitable healthcare for LGBTQ+ communities. With the growing focus on gender-affirming care and related legislation, it is crucial to have robust technology solutions that enhance care navigation and connect individuals with LGBTQ+ affirming providers. Through this partnership, we are paving the way for better healthcare outcomes and enhancing the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals, addressing the pressing needs of our communities.”

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