Posterity Health, the only virtual male fertility clinic that offers personalized care, educational resources, and effective treatments to address male fertility has joined forces with Path Fertility, the creators of SpermQT, an epigenetic sperm quality test that can predict fertility outcomes not detected in a standard semen analysis. Together the companies now offer a new comprehensive IUI Assessment that evaluates multiple semen parameters and predicts the likelihood of success with intrauterine insemination (IUI).

The IUI Assessment includes a semen analysis and Path Fertility’s SpermQT epigenetic test. By combining the two tests Posterity Health and Path Fertility provide an assessment of male reproductive health. The test can be completed at home or in-clinic with partnering fertility centers and OBGYN practices. The IUI Assessment includes a telehealth consult with a Reproductive Urologist, so all males have the opportunity to understand their results and determine the best path forward.

One in eight couples struggle with infertility and although most people assume it’s the female partner, in 50% of cases there is a male factor involved. There is a great need across the country for complete male fertility testing and treatment, but access and education are limited, causing males with fertility issues to go untreated or undiagnosed.

“Currently, the primary test for diagnosing male factor infertility is the semen analysis. But male infertility is complex, and more than one test is needed for a comprehensive diagnosis. SpermQT captures a subset of infertile men that are missed with the standard semen analysis,” explains Andy Olson, Co-Founder and CEO of Path Fertility.

In a study of over 1,300 patients, Path Fertility’s SpermQT was shown to identify sub-fertility in men that was missed by the standard semen analysis. Men with a Poor SpermQT result are statistically less likely to achieve a pregnancy or live birth with IUI compared to men with a Normal or Excellent SpermQT result. Interestingly, IVF-ICSI was shown to overcome sperm quality issues identified by SpermQT. In instances when men go undiagnosed the female partner is subjected to treatments and procedures that will not work in the presence of male infertility factors.

“The studies to date show that the integrated IUI Assessment is highly predictive of pregnancy outcomes with IUI. The IUI Assessment will offer OBGYNs, REIs and couples’ additional information so everyone can work together to find the fastest path to pregnancy,” said Dr. Barrett Cowan, Founder & Chief Medical Officer of Posterity Health. “We are committed to working with innovative companies like Path Fertility to provide our patients with the most comprehensive portfolio of male fertility services.”

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