A recent Parsley Health survey has uncovered alarming trends in the health of women in the workforce. The survey, which included over 1,200 full-time employed and insured women aged 18-60, sheds light on critical issues impacting both women’s well-being and employers’ productivity.

Missed Workdays and Reduced Productivity

A concerning 43% of women surveyed admitted to missing one or more workdays in the past 60 days due to health-related issues. This absenteeism directly affects workplace productivity, with 47% of respondents acknowledging that their health problems have adversely impacted their job performance during the same period.

The Diagnosis Dilemma

One of the most significant findings from the survey is the struggle women face in obtaining clear diagnoses for their health concerns. A staggering 67% of women reported difficulties in receiving definitive diagnoses. This diagnostic uncertainty prolongs their suffering and delays crucial medical care.

The report highlights that 80% of women postpone seeking medical attention until their symptoms worsen or interfere with their daily lives. Reasons for this delay include a lack of time for appointments, past negative healthcare experiences, concerns about the cost of medical visits, and apprehensions about receiving additional prescription medications.

Complex Care Challenges

Women often grapple with interconnected symptoms and comorbidities, indicative of underlying chronic health conditions. Dr. Darcy McConnell, Director of Medical Affairs at Parsley Health, underscores the necessity of comprehensive care grounded in root cause medicine: “We can’t address or treat a problem that hasn’t been properly identified. Comprehensive care leveraged with root cause medicine is a necessity to cut costs and improve health outcomes.”

Parsley Health’s Soultion

Parsley Health offers accessible root cause medicine virtually, aiming to reduce reliance on prescription drugs and specialist referrals.

Notably, independent actuarial data, analyzing 20,000 patient claims, highlights Parsley Health’s potential to lead to a 32% reduction in total medical expenses and a 77% reduction in specialist referrals. By providing more comprehensive healthcare programs, Parsley Health hopes to efficiently meet the complex healthcare needs of women in the workforce while identifying and treating the root causes of their conditions.

A Call to Action

The Parsley Health report serves as a critical call to action. It underscores the urgent need for healthcare solutions that cater to the unique needs of women in the workforce, who comprise nearly 60% of today’s workforce.

Dr. Robin Berzin, Founder and CEO of Parsley Health, stated: “This survey shines a light on how the healthcare needs of women in the workforce are not being met by the current system – and what employers can do to reduce costs and absenteeism while helping solve the real issues that women face.”

The report represents the first in a series of white papers by Parsley Health, aiming to unveil the realities of healthcare for millions of Americans in the workforce with complex health needs. It urges employers, healthcare providers, and policymakers to prioritize women’s health in the workplace and to implement innovative solutions that address their unique healthcare challenges.

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