Earlier this week OvaryIt announced the launch of its OvaryIt platform to provide telehealth solutions for women seeking focused specialty care related to hormonal and non-hormonal contraception. Using OvaryIt’s network of independent physicians and its proprietary platform (using the latest cryptographic safety and privacy features), women can safely and confidently engage through a telehealth interface. 

From the moment you first log in, the interface is simple, intuitive, and designed by women for women.  Mary Kucek, Founder, and CEO, stated, “I had a problem with finding the right hormonal contraceptive.  A simple screening questionnaire would have saved me months of pain and suffering. It turns out I was not a candidate for combined oral contraceptives. We developed OvaryIt to ask the critical questions first – are you even a candidate for hormonal contraceptives based on established medical criteria.”  The screening process “is the first, and sometimes most important step.” 

The next step, after the screening, is to engage with a physician.  Devin Bustin, M.D., an ER doctor, and Mary’s husband, saw the potential right away – “I see a number of women in the ER every year who are having side effects related to hormonal contraceptives and a lot of the complications could be avoided. Many doctors were unknowingly prescribing the same formulation of hormones but under a different brand name. We wanted to educate providers, put safeguards in the application, and ask the right questions to solve these issues.”

OvaryIt is fully integrated with all e-prescribing networks, including local pharmacies and the newly released Amazon Pharmacy. Dr. Devin Bustin explained this innovative approach “freedom of pharmacy is key for those with Medicaid and other insurance providers who have not yet fully embraced telehealth and mail-order pharmacies. We saw the need to get women access to care with no strings attached, not just those who are insured.”

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