Oma Fertility, a division of Oma Robotics, was founded in 2020 by a team of engineers, AI experts, and fertility specialists who believe that combining AI and robotics in the lab and human-centered care in the clinic will make parenthood possible for more people. The company’s first innovation is Oma Sperm InSight, which uses AI to help pinpoint the most promising sperm cell for use in IVF. Oma Fertility opened its first fertility clinic in Santa Barbara, California in 2021 and has now come out of stealth with plans to expand in the U.S. through 2023 fueled by $37.5M in Funding.

Oma Fertility has raised $29M through Seed and Series A rounds led by JAZZ Venture Partners, Root Ventures, Mithril Capital, Global Asset Capital, and Free Solo Ventures in addition to a $8.5M debt facility led by Silicon Valley Bank. Other notable investors include Shumeet Banerji (BoD at HP, Reliance Jio and BBC), Suchi Saria (Founding Director, Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare, CEO at Bayesian Health), Jon Symonds (BoD and Chairman at GSK) and Jack Tai (BoD at Eli Lilly, HSBC, Mastercard).

Oma Fertility Co-founder & CEO Gurjeet Singh, PhD shares: “Oma Fertility is capitalizing on the opportunity to bring leading-edge technological advancements to the fertility space, meeting the demands of rising infertility rates. Our mission is to improve outcomes for more families facing fertility issues and we strive to create a place where everyone seeking to have a child has access to the most advanced, successful fertility treatments.”

Besides its plans to build a network of fertility clinics in the U.S., Oma Fertility is focused on AI-enabled technology to improved IVF outcomes. Its first innovation, Oma Sperm InSight, is a patented technology that helps embryologists identify the most promising sperm cell to pair with an egg in IVF. It is currently being used at the first Oma Clinic in Santa Barbara, CA as a second opinion tool for Oma’s embryologists and has been registered with the FDA. A clinical study to confirm Oma Sperm InSight’s ability to improve outcomes is in the works.

Chrissy Meyer, General Partner at Root Ventures says: “As an investor and mother, I’m excited about the work being done at Oma Fertility. IVF has been around for over 40 years, yet success rates are still shockingly low. Oma is the first to use AI upstream in the IVF process and will completely transform the way patients, families and healthcare providers think about fertility care.”

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