“IVF is a fragile and complicated process with many variables; things like handling and transferring embryos from dish to dish,  even the air quality in a lab can affect the result. Our technology allows for much greater precision and consistency, meaning we can offer women and couples with fertility issues a better chance of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby.” Jeremy Thompson, Fertilis Co-founder & CSO


Australian Fertilis raises $2M for its micro medical devices that automate embryo culturing and improve IVF success rates.

Miteralaunches two new at-home genetic tests for pregnancy to screen for conditions like Down Syndrome.

Kindbody gets into DTC products with the launch of new fertility tests for women and men.

Biotech company Amyris gets serious about the menopause market with the acquisition of Menolabs.

Singaporean Ease gets into UTI prevention with a new dedicated product line.

Progeny Healthlaunches a new maternity care management program.

Actor and filmmaker Jaime King joins PCOS startup Allara as investor and Director of Impact.

new study published in AJOG suggests a connection between COVID infection during pregnancy and preterm delivery.

Hims & Hers adds new products for female hair loss.

Uber Healthhires its first Chief Medical Officer.

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company‘s online pharmacy launches in the U.S. with lowest prices on 100 life saving drugs.

Upcoming Events

February 3, 2022, 3pm GMT – Innovating Women’s Health in the Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities

Historically, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia have been under-served by the established healthcare ecosystem, with 92% of clinical research and trials occurring in the U.S. and Europe. Nabta Health, a women’s health startup, hopes to address some of the systemic gender and racial biases in healthcare by building a new model of healthcare specifically designed to cater for the needs of women in emerging markets.

Join us on February 3, 2022 for a discussion with Nabta Health Founder & CEO Sophie Smith to learn more!

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February 2, 2022, 1:30pm GMT – Bridging the gender health gap: Technology and the future of women’s health

In England, the government recently appointed a Women’s Health Ambassador to address what it referred to as “decades of gender health inequality”. The issue of unequal health outcomes has been a reality for women throughout the world for far too long. But, change is coming.

Digital technology – apps, websites, online tools, mobile messaging – has the potential to bridge the gender health gap, to empower women with health information that’s tailored to their individual needs and lifestyles.

In Thrive‘s upcoming webinar expert speakers will develop some of these themes and answer audience questions.

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As disabled women, our lives have always been erased. But in a pandemic, they’re urgently at stake. (The Lily)

Important Factors to Consider When Developing and Marketing Feminine Hygiene Products (Beauty Independent)

Why So Many Women Physicians Are Quitting (HBR)

Evidence-Informed and Community-Based Recommendations for Improving Black Maternal Health (Urban Institute)

Wary of backlash, telehealth startups focused on women’s sexual health steer clear of abortion pills (STAT)

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