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“Michelle and I founded BIOMILQ on clear beliefs. Thoughtful planning and relationship building was required to find a commonality of mission among our partners. While we narrowed the aperture of possible partners, we’ve already seen the ripples of demanding a more representative world of venture capital.” Leila Strickland, BIOMILQ CSO & Co-founder. Image: BIOMILQ


BIOMILQ raises a $21M Series A to bring lab-grown breast milk to market.

UK-based Naytal launches with £300K in pre-seed funding to grow its virtual clinic for pregnancy and postnatal care.

Women’s health company Hologic plans to acquire Bolder Surgical for $160M.

Period product company Aisle is awarded Trico Charitable Foundation’s $100K Social EnterPrize.

CCRM Fertility partners with TMRW Life Sciences to safely manage eggs and embryos for IVF patients.

Margo Georgiadis, former CEO of Ancestry.com, joins Ro‘s Board of Directors after inspiring the acquisition of Modern Fertility.

Virtual eating disorder clinic Equip expands geographically and now reaches half the U.S. population.

Mammogen partners with Brilliantly to advance efforts for breast cancer previvors and survivors.

Women’s health company Organon launches a new fertility journey website.

Delphinus receives FDA approval for SoftVue, its 3D whole breast ultrasound tomography system.

Evvy, known for its vaginal microbiome tests, announces a new Advisory Board to guide research on critical female biomarkers.

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