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“Women often feel alone, and their menstrual problems seem like an impossible mountain to climb. We’re here to change this – with better support and products.” Guud Co-Founders Morgane Leten & Jan Deruyck. Image: Guud


Guud launches with €350K in pre-seed funding to grow its platform for menstrual health.

Medtech company Minerva Surgical files for IPO.

The Mom Project, a career platform for moms, raises $80M to invest in growth.

Sexual health company HANXlaunches a new online contraceptive pill service in the UK.

Ruby Love founder Crystal Etienne launchesCaJE, a New VC firm to support African American female founders.

Pregnancy app Babyscripts partners with Nuvo Group to deliver a comprehensive remote pregnancy care solution.

Organon receives FDA clearance for technological updates to the JADA system, a medical device to control postpartum hemorrhage.

PEOPLE‘s new ‘Me Becoming Mom’ Podcast explores IVF, surrogacy, pregnancy loss and more together with celebrity moms.

MysteryVibe‘s new reserach suggests medically-designed vibrators can be highly effective for period pain.

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It’s been a long time in the making but we’re finally kicking off our very own Femtech Insider Event Series and would love for you to join us!

“Menstrual product stigma has a significant bearing on market logic”, explained Louise Klintner, PhD in a recent post about her research on our blog.

For our first event on October 26, 2021 we are joined by Louise, who now works as Advocacy and Communications Specialist at philanthropic investment portfolio The Case for Her. We will discuss the business impact of stigmatization in women’s health, talk about the origins of stigmatization, when and how destigmatization actually occurs and what role organizations, including entrepreneurs, can play in affecting institutional change.

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Societies that treat women badly are less stable (Economist)

Period Care Needs to be Inclusive of All People Who Menstruate (Byrdie)

A Medical Career, at a Cost: Infertility (New York Times)

These incredible safe spaces are helping Black women and non-binary folk heal trauma (Cosmopolitan)

‘Everybody was telling me there was nothing wrong‘ (BBC)

Why women need greater transparency over fertility choices (Harper’s Bazaar)

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Our good old job board has served our community well over the past two years, but now it’s time for us to step it up a notch. As some of you may have already spotted last week, we soft-launched our new job board in cooperation with Pallet.

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Who’s Hiring? 

Guud is looking for a Content Lead.

Nurx is hiring a Senior Product Designer.

Equip is looking for a VP of Patient Access.

The Pill Club is looking for a Senior Data Engineer.

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