Peanut’s #RenamingRevolution: “Terms like ‘inhospitable womb,’ ‘geriatric pregnancy,’ ‘spontaneous abortion,’ or ‘advanced maternal age’ have traditionally been used to designate a woman’s reproductive standing. However, this terminology is outdated. The goal with medical terminology should be to educate women and to shift away from blame or hurtful labels. This new glossary will include terms that serve the same purpose while empowering women rather than shaming them.” Somi Javaid, MD


French femtech startup Nabla announces a €17M funding round to continue work on its app-based virtual clinic for women’s health.

Abortion on Demand, the first large-scale telemedicine abortion service launches in the U.S.

Words Matter: Peanut releases a glossary of modernized terminology to reform harmful vocabulary around fertility and motherhood.

Thermal Wellness company Embr Labs launches Wave 2, a wearable wristband and app that helps women going through menopause manage hot flashes.

UK-based Hashiona raises a €450K pre-seed round for its app-based Virtual Clinic for Hashimoto Patients.

Hybrid care women’s health company Origin announces seed funding and nationwide expansion in the U.S.

At-home sperm testing startup Legacy raises a $10M Series A.

Women’s Health Company Hologic announces plans to acquire Mobidiag, an innovator in near-patient, acute care diagnostic testing.

Twentyeight Health launches telehealth for birth control prescriptions and delivery in Texas.

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