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“Attn:Grace was co-founded by Mia Abbruzzese and Alexandra Fennell in June 2020 to destigmatize female aging and bring innovation to the $9.5 billion market for disposable incontinence products, by offering discreet, convenient, subscription-based bladder leakage products.”


Attn:Grace adds $900K in funding and announces a strategic collaboration with AARP Innovation Labs to destigmatize women’s aging; Menopause startup The Cusp abruptly ends operations; Women’s Brain Project is organizing a hackathon to advance the understanding of sex and gender differences for precision medicine; The Case for Her & Refinery29 partner to reposition menopause through creative design; The Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance (DTRA) launches to democratize and accelerate clinical trials; A new petition is asking Instagram to stop unfairly censoring nudity & sexuality; Forbes’ 50 over 50 project, that highlights women shattering age and gender norms, now accepts nominations; CityBlock, a primary care startup focused on underserved communities, passes $1B valuation

In the Know

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