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Pregnolia raises CHF 4.2M to detect premature births; Femcare startup Callaly raises over £1M from the crowd to fund international expansion across Europe; Google for Startups is coming to SEA; Mayo Clinic launches an at-home advanced care model; Axia Women’s Health expands US Midwest Presence; The annual EIT hackathon aims to find solutions for women’s health and digital therapeutics; Oscar raises $225M for its D2C Health Insurance Platform, Femtech startup Rosy launches telehealth

Company Spotlight

One in 10 US babies is born prematurely, higher than in other developed countries, and the rate is increasing. For black women, it is even higher.” In light of these stats and Pregnolia’s recent raise we want to introduce you to a couple of companies active in the maternal-fetal heath space today.

Pregnolia founder Dr. Sabrina Badirwas part of the interdisciplinary research team at ETH Zürich and the University Hospital in Zürich that studied the changes in stiffness of the human uterine cervix during pregnancy. The goal was to detect earlier and more accurately these changes. Cervical stiffness is one of the important factors that determine the risk of preterm birth. Based on these learnings the team has developed a device to improve pregnancy care.

Lucina identifies women at-risk of preterm birth, usually within the first trimester, with personalized health improvement resources, making it easy for care managers to complete actions that optimize the health and well-being of women to improve birth outcomes and to create healthier communities over time.

Mirvie creates precise, actionable, non-invasive tests for maternal-fetal health.

By crowdsourcing the largest and most comprehensive dataset on maternal and fetal health parameters, Bloomlife hopes to accelerate long overdue advancements in women’s healthcare. The company’s at-home contraction monitor is offered for both iOS and Android.

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