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“Digital health funding was off to a surging start in early Q1 before the COVID-19 outbreak rattled the US economy.” (c) Rock Health


UCSF is enrolling pregnant women for Nationwide Study About COVID-19; FCC enacts $200M telehealth initiative to ease COVID-19 burden; Gilde Healthcare closes a new $450M fund targeting growth opportunities in a broad range of healthcare sectors; MassHealth partners with Maven Clinic to offer free access to telemedicine during COVID-19; Jack Dorsey will donate $1B to fund COVID-19 relief, girl’s health, education and universal basic income; Elanza Wellness is looking for beta-testers for their new app; MedGenome, a genetic diagnostics and data company raises $55M in funding; Tyto Care raises $50M to grow its telehealth and diagnostics platform; Rock Health release their ‘Q1 Digital Health Market Insights’ report

Company Spotlight 

It’s been a while since we’ve had a regional focus here in the company spotlight section, so we’ve decided to take a (virtual) trip to Europe today and dedicate some space today to women’s health startups based in the UK.

Adia is on a mission to revolutionise women’s reproductive health, by making support easily accessible, personal, and proactive.

Univfy maximizes women’s chances of conceiving with IVF by offering accurate predictions and lowering the financial barriers of treatment.

Hertility Health wants to give women a visually clear image of their digital biological clock and reproductive biology with actionable advice and pathways to care.

The Femedic is an education, media, and research platform for women’s health. We provide trustworthy and essential information, solidarity, analysis, and insight on areas of women’s health that are not reliably covered elsewhere. 

The Clarity app features specific content and mindfulness practices for situations that may arise in menopause like hot flushes, sleeplessness, night sweats and improving a low libido. 

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Who’s Hiring? 

Progenity is hiring a Director, Laboratory Operations.

TwentyEight is looking for a Physican Partner.

Hertility Health is hiring a Lead Developer.

Elvie is looking to hire a Product Manager.

The Pill Club is hiring a Creative Director.

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