New MH Hub Leadership: Uninhibited’s Dilip Kumar Pattubala & Meenal Khare. Image: Uninhibited

7 years ago Mariana de la Roche, Danielle Keiser and Milena Bacalja Perianes founded the Menstrual Health Hub (MH Hub) to move menstruation from margins to mainstream by connecting the global menstrual movement that works across sectors.

The founding leadership team is now stepping down and handing over the torch to the team at Uninhibited India, who will continue to evolve the platform.

The MH Hub team shares in a blog post: “When we first started the MH Hub, we always believed it would ultimately be best served by being grounded in local communities and centered on the expertise and experience of revolutionaries working on the ground, especially in the ‘global South’. While the menstrual movement has been diverse, it has been predominantly led by the voices of the ‘global North’ and the leadership of privileged (mostly) white women.”

Uninhibited India, the newly appointed organization now leading the work at Menstrual Health Hub is no stranger to advocacy work in the menstrual health space. The team has been working towards improving the equitable participation of women, girls and people who menstruate through safe spaces, menstrual, sexual and reproductive health information, products, healthcare and infrastructure.

To learn more about this management transition, check out MH Hub’s post on Medium or watch the announcement video below.

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