Femtech Communities

It’s more fun with friends. What’s true in life is also true, when building a femtech company. If you’re looking to learn more about femtech and meet others who share your interests, the communities below are a great place to start.

Intros Club by Femtech InsiderCommunities are about people, not content. And unfortunately some community platforms out there today tend to miss the mark on this. They connect you to other people’s content, but not necessarily to other people who share your interests.
With Intros by Femtech Insider we’re here to change this in our community. We have partnered with Intros to enable high-quality, personalized intros between our members (YOU!) at scale, so you can meet others in the Femtech Insider ecosystem, exchange notes, do business together or simply have a chat with a fellow femtech enthusiast on your own time and on your own terms.
In Women’s Health“The only professional network for careers in women’s health”https://inwomenshealth.com
FemInnovator Community“The FemInnovator Community unites key stakeholders in women’s health to help enhance the clinical, scientific, and commercial success of femtech products. The innovation hub gives you access to expert guidance, educational programming, networking, consultations, and clinical/commercial partnerships designed to propel women’s health forward.”https://community.feminnovation.com
Women of Wearables (WoW)“Women of Wearables (WoW) is leading global organisation aiming to inspire, connect and support women and diverse founders and technologists in wearable tech, fashion tech, smart textiles, IoT, health tech and VR/AR. WoW has recently started a LinkedIn group dedicated to femtech.”https://www.womenofwearables.com/
Elpha“Elpha is where women in tech talk candidly online. Learn from experts, find support, discover resources and opportunities, and make friends.” Interested in femtech? There’s an Elpha group dedicated to it.https://elpha.com
Femtech University Network“We promote education, innovation, investment, and research in technology addressing that addresses unmet needs in women’s health by facilitating inter-university collaboration.”Link
FemHealth Insights Slack Group“Discover the power of our free Women’s Health Innovation Slack Community! Connect with a global network, opening doors to funding, collaboration, and job opportunities. Stay informed with the latest news, seek advice in a supportive environment, and receive real-time feedback on your projects.”Link
Femtech Canada“Femtech Canada exists to inspire entrepreneurs to lead in women’s health innovation. We connect Canadian Femtech companies with the resources and recognition they deserve.”https://femtech.ca/
Femtech India“Launched in September 2022, FemTech India is proud to be India’s first and largest industry network of founders, individuals, professionals, and investors, making it a hub for innovation, collaboration, and community-building in the FemTech space.”https://femtechindia.com
NoGaFem“Israel-based NOGAFem are leading the fast tracking of gender-appropriate research & technologies for healthcare equity in all genders.”Link
Femtech France“Femtech France is the non profit which aims at accelerating women’s health innovation in France.”https://femtechfrance.org