Our Community: Intros by Femtech Insider

Our mission at Femtech Insider has always been to serve the women’s health innovation community in meaningful ways. And over the past years more opportunity for connection between our members has been a regular request. 

We’ve always been hesitant to set up yet another community platform like a Slack channel or similar. Do we really need another space that requires presence and attention, creates more work and doesn’t quite fit into day to day business routines? Community and connection are incredibly important. We get it. But we also always felt strongly that we shouldn’t build something just to “tick a box”.

Making new connections should be easy, fun, meaningful and fit into busy schedules. And the good news is: We now have a way to make this happen for our community: Intros by Femtech Insider.

Intoducing: Intros by Femtech Insider

Communities are about people, not content. And unfortunately some community platforms out there today tend to miss the mark on this. They connect you to other people’s content, but not necessarily to other people who share your interests.

With Intros by Femtech Insider we’re here to change this in our community. We have partnered with Intros to enable high-quality, personalized intros between our members (YOU!) at scale, so you can meet others in the Femtech Insider ecosystem, exchange notes, do business together or simply have a chat with a fellow femtech enthusiast on your own time and on your own terms.

Sound good? Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for Intros by Femtech Insider

  • Answer a couple of questions about your interests

  • Choose how often you’d like to be connected with another Femtech Insider member (monthly, weekly, bi-weekly)

  • Intros does its magic, you receive personalized introductions to your inbox and can opt-out anytime
  • Ready to give it a go?