Pleasure Finder, the world’s first Google Assistant action dedicated to helping people improve their sex lives, is now live for users to install on their phones, tablets and smart devices. The action helps users find out more about the health benefits of pleasure and open up about their sexual health – without fear of mockery or judgement.

It’s the first time a voice assistant has been able to offer advice around sexual health, sexual education and performance, and has been specifically designed to answer questions people want to ask about sexual health but are sometimes too afraid to ask their partner or a healthcare professional. The action was created with the help of Clare Bedford, a psychosexual and relationship therapist who worked with MysteryVibe’s Chief Medical Officer and world renowned urologist, Prof. Dasgupta, to ensure the action offered meaningful advice.

Just like you can ask Google to give you a recipe or tell you what the weather’s like, Pleasure Finder will tell users all they need to know about sex, health and pleasure – and some extra guidance when it comes to ensuring users and their partners both find pleasure in the bedroom.

And it couldn’t be simpler to use: users can just say to “Ok Google, let me speak to Pleasure Finder” and go from there. The action will outline all the different forms of advice and help it can offer, ensuring everyone can get the sexual wellness advice they need.

Turning the action from idea into reality was easier said than done. Pleasure Finder was rejected outright by another leading firm despite multiple attempts to rework its feature set to make it work within their guidelines – showing just how far big tech still has to go in embracing and normalising sexual health. Google proved a far more willing partner, recognising there was a real need for their voice assistant to offer sexual health advice and providing the MysteryVibe team with the support they needed to turn the action from an idea into reality.

“The launch of Pleasure Finder is one of our most significant achievements and a crucial step towards rolling out free sex education to millions of households at once”, said Dr. Soum Rakshit, CEO and Co-founder of MysteryVibe. “We know that access to actionable knowledge is the key to starting the conversations within ourselves and with our partners to improve our sex lives. This has never been more urgent than now and that’s why it excites us tremendously to have Google’s support to make this a reality.”

The urgent need for a new way of providing Brits with sexual health guidance and motivation was confirmed by research carried out by MysteryVibe which revealed the UK was in the depths of a “sexual recession.” Over a third (37%) of Brits say their libido plummeted in 2020 and almost as many (33%) confessed to having had less sex in 2020 compared to 2019.

The impact of lockdown due to the global pandemic and negative news or doomscrolling have been revealed as the nation’s biggest turnoffs (23%) of 2020, as MysteryVibe reveals the extent of the sexual recession facing the UK.

Prof. Dasgupta, CMO of MysteryVibe and urologist, notes: “Having the Pleasure Finder accepted by Google is an absolute triumph. Giving access to anyone who wants or needs a shame-free sexual education is what this campaign is all about. We want to help people open up when it comes to talking about sexual health, so we’re hoping that the Pleasure Finder will be able to kick start a conversation and people talking about sex and pleasure and rediscovering the benefits they offer. That’s the philosophy upon which MysteryVibe built their business – helping to set people free and give them a judgement-free space where they can genuinely open up about sexual health and wellbeing. After all, sex isn’t a taboo – it’s time to act like it.”

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