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Premature ejaculation (PE) is a common sexual problem that affects an estimated 30% of men worldwide. It can cause significant distress and embarrassment, and can negatively impact relationships. Until recently, there have been few effective treatments for PE. However, a new device called MyHixel CONTROL is offering hope both to men who struggle with this condition. and those who do not suffer clinically but want to increase their sexual stamina and improve their sex life.

MyHixel is a medical device that uses a combination of vibration and thermal therapy to help men delay ejaculation. The device is worn on the penis and is controlled by a smartphone app. The device was launched on Kickstarter in 2018 and raised over €540,000 with support from more than 2,750 backers. MyHixel has sold more than 20,000  units across 40 countries.

What is the technology behind MyHixel?

Physical Structure

The MyHixel device resembles a high-tech masturbatory aid, manufactured using body-safe, medical-grade silicone. The interior mimics the warmth and texture of human skin to ensure a realistic experience. It’s sleek, lightweight, and USB rechargeable, making it user-friendly and easy to handle.


The device integrates teledildonics, allowing it to connect to smartphones via Bluetooth. This functionality lets the user or their partner control the device, opening the door for couples to participate collectively in the therapy, which has ramifications for the broader femtech community interested in promoting mutual sexual health and intimacy.

AI-driven App

MyHixel comes bundled with a mobile app offering a variety of programs and exercises aimed at increasing ejaculatory control. By employing algorithms that adapt to each user’s progress, the app customizes the training regimen, providing real-time analytics and feedback.

What are the features of the MyHixel?

Clinically Tested

The methodologies used in MyHixel’s programs are based on scientifically validated techniques with clinical trials to back them. That lends the product a level of credibility often missing in sexual wellness tech.

Non-Pharmacological Approach

The device offers a drug-free therapeutic option for managing PE, significantly reducing the risk of side effects commonly associated with medication.

User Privacy

Understanding the sensitivity of the issue, MyHixel ensures rigorous data encryption and privacy measures, protecting users’ identities and data.

Couples Therapy Tool

While designed for men, MyHixel’s implications for couples therapy are undeniable. It can be a collaborative tool, helping both parties communicate better about their needs and issues, an important feature that aligns it with the femtech industry’s goals.

Image: MyHixel

What are the Benefits of the MyHixel?

Improved Sexual Health

MyHixel offers a tangible path for men to improve ejaculatory control, which indirectly improves the sexual satisfaction of their partners, a significant benefit for the femtech community focused on mutual sexual health and wellbeing.


By providing a scientific, stigma-free approach to a common issue, MyHixel empowers men—and by extension, their partners—to take control of their sexual health.

Relationship Enrichment

Improved sexual performance and satisfaction often lead to healthier relationships. This is especially important given the focus on relational health in the femtech sector.

How can MyHixel help with premature ejaculation?

MyHixel harnesses the power of vibration combined with thermal therapy. Here’s a breakdown of its functionality:

  • Vibrational Stimulation: By vibrating, MyHixel distracts from the imminent urge to ejaculate.
  • Thermal Therapy: This feature assists in muscle relaxation within the penis, which could potentially delay ejaculation.

Controlled via an intelligent smartphone app, MyHixel integrates both therapeutic solutions and gamified experiences. The diverse range of exercises ensures a gradual learning curve, enabling men to progressively build their ejaculatory control.

How is the MyHixel Control delivered?

When considering the acquisition of a health-related device, one crucial factor is the discretion and reliability of its delivery. MyHixel understands the sensitivity surrounding sexual health products. As a result, the device is delivered discreetly. The packaging is nondescript, devoid of explicit labels, ensuring users receive their package without the worry of unintended disclosures to neighbors or family. Shipping is free and is estimated to take 2-4 days depending on location.

Does the MyHixel come with an App?

The MyHixel Play App, stemming from groundbreaking methodologies rooted in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), was pioneered by the ISM and the University of Elche in Spain. This app not only offers an 8-week program crafted for the progressive enhancement of ejaculatory control, but it’s also enriched by contributions from an array of international sex therapists, urologists, and academic institutions. The app, compatible with both IOS & ANDROID, ensures data privacy with its secure and anonymized data protocols.

Focusing on providing a user-centric experience, the app employs Artificial Intelligence to tailor the learning, facilitated by Bluetooth connectivity, movement, and speed sensors for a real-time progress overview. As users navigate through this engaging platform, they’re presented with weekly plans encompassing nutrition guidance spotlighting 8 “super-ingredients”, fitness routines, mindfulness sessions, and consistent feedback through weekly statistics.

What is the difference between MyHixel TR, Med and Control?

MyHixel initially had two distinct products aimed at improving men’s ejaculatory control: Myhixel TR, designed for men seeking to enhance sexual stamina without a clinical PE diagnosis, and Myhixel Med tailored specifically for those diagnosed with premature ejaculation.

However, it’s noteworthy that these two have been consolidated into a single product known as the MYHIXEL Control.

How big is the MyHixel ?

The MyHixel device is a manageable size of 11.3cm in length, 11.3cm in width, and a height of 20.3cm, the device is thoughtfully sized to be both discreet and functional. Its weight is another point of note.

With the lid on, it has a sturdy feel at 630 grams, ensuring it doesn’t feel flimsy or too lightweight. However, when you’re actually using the device, it becomes a tad lighter at 560 grams, which ensures comfort and ease of use. Overall, in terms of size and weight, the MYHIXEL I strikes a good balance between portability and functionality.

Image: MyHixel

Is the MyHixel a sex toy?

While MyHixel might resemble a contemporary sex toy in its design and functionality, it’s essential to understand that its primary purpose is therapeutic.

It’s a medically-oriented device crafted to address the challenges of premature ejaculation. While it does offer pleasure-enhancing features, its core objective remains to provide a scientific solution to a prevalent sexual health issue.

Is the MyHixel Regulatorily Approved?

The MyHixel has been CE marked, which means that it meets the safety, health, and environmental protection requirements of the European Union. It is also FDA listed.

How Much Does the MyHixel Control Cost?

MyHixel is available for purchase on the MyHixel website. The MyHixel Control currently costs $299 in the US and €269.99 in Europe. MyHixel also offers a variety of accessories, such as a travel case and a cleaning kit. These accessories are available for purchase separately.

MyHixel also offers a 15-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. This means that you can try the device for 30 days and return it for a full refund if you are not satisfied.

Is the MyHixel Control Worth It? Should I Buy the MyHixel?

When considering a purchase like the MyHixel it’s essential to weigh its benefits against your personal needs. For those grappling with challenges related to ejaculatory control or simply seeking an enhancement in sexual stamina, the MyHixel offers a scientifically-backed solution without resorting to pharmaceutical interventions. The device, combined with its companion app, adopts a holistic approach, addressing both the physical and psychological facets of male climax.

Its discreet design and user-friendly interface are additional pluses. However, it’s crucial to remember that individual experiences may vary. If the features and benefits align with your objectives and you’re open to a tech-driven, innovative solution for improving sexual health, the MyHixel might just be a worthy investment.

Though MyHixel primarily targets male sexual health, its overarching impact on couples’ sexual wellness and relational health cannot be understated. By offering a clinically validated, tech-driven solution for a problem affecting both men and their partners, MyHixel plays a pivotal role in the broader ecosystem of sexual wellness innovations.

So, if you’re looking to invest in a sexual health device that boasts scientific credibility, high-tech features, and transformative potential for relationships, definitely consider buying a MyHixel. It can be a vital addition to your sex life, bring you and your partner much joy and satisfaction, and all of that in a non-pharmaceutical way.

Learn more about the MyHixel CONTROL or purchase the device on the MyHixel Website today!

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