Monarch Collective, an investment firm exclusively focused on women’s sports has raised $100 million for its debut fund. The fund was co-founded by Kara Nortman, former partner at Upfron Ventures, who famously launched the Angel Ciry Football Club in 2019, and Jasmine Robinson, former Causeway investor with experience in strategy operations for the San Francisco 49ers.

Kara Nortman shares in an interview with Axios: “I often feel like I’m in ‘Back to the Future II’ with the almanac, in terms of knowing the future of sports … We believe we’re riding the media curve, and can learn from the existing men’s leagues while realizing that the dynamics are changing in terms of how people watch sports and how sports leagues build community.”

The firm aims to back the next big wave in pro sports by investing in teams, leagues, and other related fields, such as media platforms, products, and gaming. While private equity has already invested heavily in men’s teams, Monarch aims to target global sports like soccer, basketball, cycling, cricket, golf, and tennis.

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