FemTech Company MobileODT awarded prestigious National Cancer Institute (NCI) grant (PRNewsfoto/MobileODT)

MobileODT, a femtech company innovating in cervical screening, has been awarded a prestigious Small Business Innovation Research Authority grant of $2.3 million. This grant is presented by the United States National Cancer Institute (NCI) to leading companies that are technologically and clinically advanced to support the NCI’s goal of reducing suffering and death due to cancer. This grant is a tribute to the groundbreaking advances of MobileODT as an innovative company commercializing a novel cervical cancer screening technology utilizing complex machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. The company’s technology offers an alternative screening modality to the current standard-of-care with significantly improved accuracy. It allows for a broader range of physicians, to perform cervical cancer screening, while defining the actual status of the patient and reducing loss to follow-up.

The grant was awarded to MobileODT to perform a large-scale clinical trial validating the efficacy of the company’s EVA VisualCheck (TM) AI technology, as a cervical screening Clinical Decision Support Tool at the Point of Care and providing results in under 60 seconds. The VisualCheck AI technology will be compared to standard of care methods such as Pap smear, and visual inspection of the cervix.

“This award offers MobileODT a great opportunity to independently validate it’s VisualCheck AI technology against the standard of care check with NIH quality,” says David Levitz PhD. Principal Investigator of the study. The trial will commence in Q3 2021 and will be conducted in cooperation with the Basic Health International organization (BHI) on a population of 10,000 subjects.

“AI has a lot of potential to revolutionize care for women worldwide. We are excited to test the technology and validate its accuracy and clinical feasibility,” says Miriam Cremer MD., MPH, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology from Cleveland Clinic, one of the key researchers who will be leading the trial.

“We are honored to receive such a prestigious grant, especially from National Cancer Institute. It’s a recognition of the value that our technology is bringing to women’s health,” says Leon Boston, MobileODT CEO. “The results of the trial are especially important in light of the World Health Organization’s recent global strategic decision to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer. We see these results bringing our technology to the forefront of women’s health.”

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