MiMARK Diagnostics, a company specializing in women’s health, has completed its first seed funding round, raising €4.22M. The funds are intended to advance their work in gynecological diagnostics, focusing on the use of gynecological fluids as a non-invasive source for biomarker detection. The company received €1.5M from EIT Health back in 2021.

MiMARK is developing in vitro diagnostic solutions for managing gynecological malignancies, with a particular emphasis on improving Endometrial Cancer diagnosis. This approach positions gynecological fluid as a key component in the next phase of liquid biopsy in gynecology.

The funding round drew support from a mix of private investors and EU funding. Among the private investors are Clave Capital, Nara Capital, Namarel Ventures, and WA4STEAM, who made their investments in May. They were joined later by CDTI Innvierte, Inveready, and Canterbury Scientific. Additionally, the project has received backing from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator under the Horizon Europe Program.

This combination of private and EU funding will support MiMARK in its efforts to accelerate the verification and clinical validation processes for its products. The immediate goal is to bring their first product, an In Vitro Diagnostic tool for Endometrial Cancer, to the market.

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