Midi Health, a virtual clinic specializing in care for women experiencing perimenopause and menopause, has will be accessible to employers in all 50 US States starting January 2024. This growth marks a milestone for the company in its mission to address the healthcare needs of women in midlife transitions. The company had recently announced a $27M Series A led by Google Ventures.

Midi Health provides a holistic approach to perimenopause and menopause care, ensuring that each patient receives a personalized care plan. These plans are meticulously crafted based on expert-developed protocols, catering to the unique symptoms and health history of each woman. A notable feature of Midi’s service is that it is insurance-covered, offering a financial relief to both employers and employees, allowing visits to be billed through health insurance without additional employer charges.

“We can’t talk about women’s success at work without talking about menopause,” said Joanna Strober, CEO and co-founder of Midi Health.  “We are expanding rapidly to ensure that we can support employers and employees in all 50 states with Midi’s care.”

The clinical team at Midi is directed by nationally recognized physicians and researchers. Among them are Chief Medical Officer Kathleen Jordan, MD, known for her former role as Chief Medical Officer at St. Francis Memorial Hospital, and Chief Clinical Officer Mindy Goldman, MD, a long-standing OB/GYN at UCSF and Director of the UCSF Gynecology Center for Cancer Survivors and At-Risk Women. Together they oversee a network of nurse practitioners trained specifically in women’s midlife health, ensuring the delivery of expert care.

Midi Health’s approach combines hormonal and non-hormonal treatments, supplements, lifestyle coaching, and essential preventative health guidance, all facilitated through telehealth visits for convenience. With a high patient satisfaction score, Midi has helped thousands of women navigate menopause effectively, thereby addressing a critical gap in the current healthcare system.

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