MDisrupt Co-founder & CEO Ruby Gadelrap. Image: MDisrupt

MDisrupt, a digital health intelligence company, has raised $6M in funding from Bren Investments, Matthew Holt, Chantell Preston, Grail co-founder Jessica Owens, and AKESOgen co-founders Mark Bouzyk and Robert Boisjoli. The new funding will accelerate the company’s rapid growth by expanding its platform to enable digital health innovators to rapidly generate the real-world performance data needed to successfully commercialize and scale their products.

“With more than $50B in investments in digital health over the last two years, the industry is now large enough that it needs its own enablement platforms, standards and benchmarks,” said Ruby Gadelrab, CEO and founder of MDisrupt. “MDisrupt aims to become the main marketplace for the digital health industry to achieve that. We are thrilled to have the support of investors who are aligned to our vision of building a digital health intelligence company that will serve the key stakeholders in healthcare.”

MDisrupt has helped launch and scale many leading digital health companies and solutions since its launch in 2019 by connecting them to health industry experts. Building on this success and in order to meet the continued innovation in digital health, MDisrupt is transforming into a digital health intelligence company that organizes the world’s digital health products by performance, so everyone can make data-driven healthcare decisions.

“The company’s approach consists of three elements: people, platform and data. The platform will digitize solutions for three critical pain points for innovators – access to experts on-demand, clinical early adopters, and real-world performance data. The output of the platform reflects the data that will influence key decision-makers and may ultimately be a benchmark for all users. Each element builds on the last and comes together to form an intelligent technology-based solution for digital health innovators and the people who use them,” said Ms. Gadelrab.

“The most valuable knowledge about today’s healthcare system is still in the form of human intelligence. The people are key,” said Chet Robson, DO, MHCDS, FAAFP, chief medical officer of MDisrupt. The objective dataset built on real-world clinical performance from every digital health product from the MDisrupt platform will inform the company’s digital health intelligence engine.

Ruby Gadelrab and Ragan Hart co-founded MDisrupt to address the lack of standards in digital health that impact healthcare stakeholders. Since then, the company has developed a marketplace to connect leading digital health companies, such as Everlywell, Artera, Xandar Kardian, Universal DX, and health experts to help them build and scale industry-leading digital health products.

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