1 in 2 women will suffer from UTIs at some point in their life. And according to MERRI’s co-founders synthetic underwear is to blame. Gynecologists recommend wearing cotton underwear to prevent common infections such as thrush, but many women ignore this advice as the designs available are often considered frumpy or unflattering. And this is wehre MERRI comes in.

MERRI have designed a range of women’s briefs that are flattering and sexy, but made from breathable organic cotton and sustainably sourced deadstock lace. Today the brand is launching their first collection on Kickstarter.

The MERRI founders themselves are three sufferers of thrush and UTIs who have been complaining to each other about the comfort of their underwear since their school days. They believe that underwear should be made for real women with busy lives. The team has decided to launch via crowdfunding with the goal to build a community around their brand and mission. They want the women buying their products to co-create MERRI and influence future design decsions driven by the belief that customer feedback makes for a better product.

The proceed from the Kickstarter campaign will be used to for production.

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