‘The Quicky’ by Ketish (Image: Ketish)

Known for building a billion dollar beauty empire on fake eyelashes, influencer-turned-entrepreneur Huda Kattan has now chosen to support Ketish, a new feminine, sexual wellness brand. The company was founded by Emaan Abbass, who has previously worked in product development at Huda Beauty. Ketish is the first company to launch out of HB Angels, HB Investments‘ incubator.

Regarding Ketish’s vision Emaan Abbass shared in an interview with Forbes: “The origin of Ketish really dates back to not only my upbringing, but my own feminine wellness journey. I grew up in the states but my parents are Egyptian immigrants. So I grew up in a really strict Arab American Muslim home where sex and feminine wellness was quite taboo… Essentially what we want to do with Ketish is move this shame and stigma that surrounds not only products, but also the conversation that exists around feminine and intimate wellness. We want to elevate the experience and bring this aspect of self-love, self-care and wellness to the overall buying experience of feminine and intimate wellness. We want to break down these barriers that exist around the topics of feminine and sexual wellness and provide women with products to help her explore and feel comfortable in engaging in this category.”

The company launched its first product “The Quickie”, a pre-play intimate sheet, this week.

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