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Stay fresh in Speax. Absorbent underwear for bladder leak protection.

We are looking for a front-end engineer with 4+ years of professional software engineering experience to join our team. As a member of our team, you’ll build UI in React, launch products, and support the marketing efforts. Some interest in UX/UI, digital product optimization, DTC, digital marketing, and eCommerce is important for finding success in this role.


    • At least 4 years of professional software engineering experience
    • No college degree required
    • Intimate knowledge of: Javascript, React, CSS, GraphQL, Git, webpack, NPM, ARIA, BEM, Performance (Browser painting/re-flows, Chrome performance tooling and Chrome network analysis).
    • Passionate about code quality and proper documentation.
    • UX/UI chops – you know what good design and interaction looks and feels like and can call out inconsistencies, problems with responsive layouts when looking at a mobile and desktop design, etc.
    • Knowledge of accessibility best practices and ability to write highly accessible UI
    • Next.js, Apollo, Vercel, and Auth0 (or other Identity Management Platform) experience is a plus
    • Experience with eCommerce in general is very helpful -ie: Product Feed transformations,, Google Analytics/Heap, A/B Testing platforms such as Optimizely/Dynamic Yield/Google Optimize/VWO (we use DY), Facebook Pixel and other ad-tech implementations, Customer Data Platforms (we use Simon Data), Sendgrid or other ESP, implementing Analytics software, and Technical SEO best practices.
    • Shopify knowledge moves you to the front of the line. Especially advanced Shopify implementations and parts of the platform such as:
      • Storefront API
      • Metafields
      • Script Editor
      • Shopify Flow
      • Using tags to power personalized Front-end experiences
      • Using React with Liquid
      • Any familiarity with JAMstack / headless commerce could come in handy as we scope a potential 2021 migration.

About Thinx

The Thinx Inc. family of brands—Thinx, Thinx (BTWN), and Speax—are on a mission to empower every body through innovative solutions and social change. From first periods to postmenopause, Thinx Inc. provides environmentally sustainable solutions to menstruation and bladder leaks, and confronts the taboos that surround them.