A couple of weeks ago many of you joined us for our Inner Circle webinar on the topic of innovation in women’s hormone health. And I’m glad we finally managed to put got this webinar together, as hormone health is one of these areas of women’s health that’s more than ripe for disruption.

One of the reasons it took us so long to schedule this particular event was that I always felt that the hormone health space was so vast, so complex and far too big to break down in 45 short minutes, but.. We did it and I would like to invite you to watch the recording here or check out the slides we shared.

You might be particularly interested in our breakdown of the space into 4 categories, which I believe can be a useful framework when trying to make sense of the ecosystem, evaluating investment opportunities, and understanding how startups fit into the bigger picture.

Here’s our breakdown:

  • Hormone Health / Lifespan: Focused on natural transition points and hormonal changes
    • Puberty & Menarche
    • Fertility & Pregnancy
    • Menopausal Transition
  • Hormone Health & The Cycle: Of course there’s an overlap, but in this category we’re really focused on n=1 and the hormonal fluctuations throughout 1 cycle
    • Menstruation
    • Follicular Phase
    • Ovulation
    • Luteal Phase
  • Hormone Imbalance: Caused by external factors
  • Hormone Imbalance: Caused by “internal factors”
    • Illness, Chronic Conditions, etc.

All of these areas are addressed as part of the larger women’s health innovation ecosystem, and aren’t always called “hormone health”:

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