Estrogen is a sex hormone that plays a crucial role in a woman’s body. Namely, it is required for the development of the female reproductive system.

People will naturally have different levels of estrogen in their bodies. Not to mention, a person’s estrogen level will fluctuate at different points in their life.

How To Increase Estrogen 9 Natural Ways

For instance, they will rise and fall at different stages of the menstrual cycle. Moreover, a person’s estrogen levels will naturally decline during menopause. 

Though it is natural for estrogen levels to change, it’s important to maintain a healthy level of estrogen. Low estrogen levels can cause menstrual irregularities, may hinder sexual development, and can affect a woman’s well-being.

Luckily, there are several effective strategies that you can use to naturally increase your estrogen levels.

How To Increase Estrogen: 9 Natural Ways

1. Take B Vitamins

B vitamins offer a whole host of benefits to the human body, such as reducing stress, improving eyesight, and aiding metabolism. 

Vitamin B is linked to the creation of estrogen. Therefore, if you have low levels of B vitamins, you may suffer from low estrogen levels.

In particular, vitamins B2 and B6 are linked to estrogen. It is also believed that these two vitamins can reduce a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer.

Therefore, it can be worthwhile taking B vitamin supplements. Alternatively, you can naturally increase your vitamin B intake through your diet.

We advise that you eat broccoli, leafy greens, avocado, rice, eggs, and salmon if you wish to increase the number of B vitamins in your diet.

2. Try Using Chasteberry

Chasteberry is a common herbal medicine that derives from the chaste tree, which is found in Asia and Europe.

The fruits are dried to make a treatment for a plethora of different gynecological issues. For instance, it is a common treatment for PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and menopause. 

Research has found that the chasteberry can have a balancing effect on numerous hormones, including estrogen and progesterone. This supplement can relieve a wide assortment of symptoms, including breast pain and nausea. 

3. Eat Flax Seeds

You may be shocked to learn that your diet can also affect estrogen levels. For instance, flax seeds are a great way of increasing estrogen.

This is because flax seeds contain a type of phytoestrogen known as lignans. Lignians act like estrogen and so have a positive effect on estrogen metabolism.

Luckily, flax seeds are super straightforward to add to a diet. You can simply sprinkle them over cereal or Greek yogurt to increase your intake.

Alternatively, flax seeds can be baked into muffins or added to mayonnaise. They have a nutty taste that works well in a plethora of dishes.

Alongside flax seeds, a woman should eat other foods that are rich in Phytoestrogen, such as chickpeas, peaches, and many legumes. 

4. Use Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is a plant that is classified as part of the buttercup family. With the scientific name actaea racemosa, black cohosh is native to North America.

Consequently, many Native American tribes use the roots of black cohosh as a herbal remedy.

Black cohosh is widely used as a treatment for menopause. It may also have the ability to stimulate estrogen production. 

You should bear in mind that the effects of black cohosh have not been thoroughly researched. As a result, the success of this natural supplement is questionable.  

5. Try Vitamin D Supplements

Alongside B vitamins, vitamin D can also have a positive impact on estrogen levels. This is because vitamin D will act as a hormone in the human body.

If you suffer from a vitamin D deficiency, the chances are that you may also be low in estrogen.

Vitamin D will be used to synthesize estrogen. The easiest way to increase your vitamin D intake is through digestible supplements. 

If you are looking for a natural way of increasing the amount of vitamin D in your diet, you may want to eat foods like oily fish.

In particular, salmon, herring, and sardines are rich in vitamin D. Alternatively, you may wish to add eggs, yogurts, and mushrooms to your diet.  

6. Add Sesame Seeds To Your Diet

Like flax seeds, sesame seeds are a superb source of phytoestrogens, specifically lignan. By adding them to your diet, you could notice an improvement in your estrogen levels. 

Sesame seeds have a mild taste that is both sweet and nutty. Roasted sesame seeds will make an amazing addition to a range of dishes, including salads and stir-fries. As a result, this is a super simple natural remedy for boosting estrogen.

7. Increase Boron Intake

Boron is a mineral that is found in a wide number of foods. Apples, raisins, and avocados are all decent sources of boron. Likewise, boron can be consumed in the form of supplements.

It has been found that boron can stabilize sex hormones. Consequently, it is often prescribed as a method of increasing postmenopausal estrogen levels . 

8. Utilize Red Clover

Red clover is a supplement that derives from a plant of the same name. This herbal medicine is often used as a treatment for menopause.

This is because some studies have found that women can increase their estrogen levels by taking red clover. 

It’s worth bearing in mind that the full effects of red clover are not fully known. It can be used to treat a variety of different conditions, including asthma and arthritis.

Many red clover supplements are also enriched with vitamin B, which can improve a woman’s overall health. 

9. Reduce Your Stress Levels

Lastly, reducing your stress levels could increase your estrogen. Stress is a massive cause of estrogen and testosterone imbalance in women and men.

Stress can affect your health in a large number of ways, including an increase in blood pressure.

When you are stressed, your body will release a steroid hormone known as cortisol as a way of managing stress.

Unfortunately, this hormone can have an unusual effect on your estrogen levels, as it can either increase or decrease. 

This stress can come from a variety of different sources, such as a difficult home life or a stressful work environment. 

Luckily, there are lots of different techniques that you can use to reduce stress levels, such as:

  • Meditation or yoga
  • Increasing your exercise 
  • Following a healthy diet
  • Doing a hobby that you enjoy, such as painting or reading
  • Taking a break from work
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Going for a calming walk

Final Thoughts

Estrogen is an essential hormone. Generally, low estrogen is caused by menopause, chronic illnesses, or eating disorders. By using these nine methods, you can naturally boost your estrogen levels.

If your symptoms persist, we advise that you contact a medical professional who can provide treatment options for increasing your estrogen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Estrogen?

If your body is low in estrogen, you may experience these symptoms:

  • Hot flashes
  • Mood changes
  • Dry skin
  • Breast tenderness
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Discomfort during sex
  • Brittle bones
  • Irregular periods

How Do I Know If My Estrogen Levels Are Low?

The best way to identify low estrogen levels is to look out for some of the aforementioned symptoms. If you believe that you may be suffering from this issue, we recommend contacting a doctor to receive a diagnosis.

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