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Women’s and Men’s Reproductive Health Pharma Company Besins Healthcare, has opened a new hormone production facility in Muel, Spain, bolsteing their global hormone production capacity by a 30%. This milestone is a response to the growing worldwide demand for hormones, particularly concerning late pregnancies and menopause.

The opening follows Besins Healthcare’s strategic acquisition of a hormone production site in Drogenbos, Belgium, in 2022. The company’s activities align with the European Union’s objectives to combat drug shortages and establish pharmaceutical self-reliance. Nicolas & Alexandre Besins, CEOs of Besins Healthcare, explained, “Being deeply rooted in Europe, it was a natural decision for us to invest here.” They further clarified that the new facility will contribute to “satisfying the surging global demand for hormone treatments related to menopause and fertility.”

The new facility is a timely response to an upsurge in demand for Hormonal Replacement Therapies (HRT). As demographics shift, an increasing number of women reach menopause, requiring female hormone (Estrogen and Progesterone) supplementation. In parallel, the average age for first-time pregnancies is climbing, leading to complex fertility scenarios that often necessitate Progesterone support.

Besins Healthcare’s new facility is a timely reminder of the critical role that hormone therapies play in addressing the evolving healthcare needs of women. It also emphasizes the importance of ensuring women have access to the necessary hormone treatments to navigate late pregnancies and the challenges of menopause.

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