Hinge Health, a provider of musculoskeletal pain solutions, has introduced enhancements to its Women’s Pelvic Health Program. The expansion includes guided breathing and meditation, along with the integration of Perifit‘s software-connected pelvic floor training device designed to track kegel exercises and offer real-time biofeedback on strengthening progress.

Hinge Health’s Pelvic Health Program has gained popularity with over 15,000 participants. Results now show that over a 12-week period, participants experienced notable improvements in pelvic health, including a 63% average reduction in pain, a 57% average decrease in symptoms, and a 55% average reduction in surgery intent. Mental health outcomes also improved, with 40% fewer participants screening positive for anxiety. Higher work productivity levels over the same 12-week span were also reported.

Inessa Lurye, Head of Women’s Health at Hinge Health, emphasized the significance of their comprehensive program: “For too long, women have been suffering in silence with pelvic conditions, without access to high-quality care. I’m proud that we’ve touched the lives of so many women and that we offer an extensive and clinically effective pelvic care program, now with additional options such as breathing guidance and pelvic floor training.”

The collaboration with Perifit, a company specializing in pelvic floor training devices, adds depth to Hinge Health’s program:

Pelvic Floor Training: The partnership with Perifit introduces a software-connected pelvic floor trainer device that provides real-time biofeedback on pelvic floor strengthening progress. This device utilizes advanced pressure sensor technology to guide members in performing kegel exercises correctly and is available at no additional cost to eligible Hinge Health members, complementing their exercise therapy program.

Breathing Guidance: The addition of a breathing and meditation experience aims to help program members reduce stress, anxiety, and muscle tension, all of which can contribute to pelvic health symptoms. Specialized guided meditation of this nature has demonstrated the ability to alleviate symptoms of urinary incontinence, ease menopause-related discomfort, and reduce pelvic pain.

Cyril Haoudi, Co-founder of Perifit shared: “Pelvic floor issues are incredibly common but often overlooked, so we created a device that allows women to strengthen their pelvic floor while playing a series of engaging games in the comfort of their own home. Combining our pelvic floor trainer device, which has already helped more than 350,000 women, with Hinge Health’s pelvic health program offers women a comprehensive solution that can make a big difference in their quality of life.”

Hinge Health’s Pelvic Health Program caters to women at all life stages, from early adulthood to post-menopause, addressing a wide spectrum of pelvic floor disorders. The program provides personalized care in four categories: pregnancy and postpartum, bladder control, pelvic pain, and pelvic strength. Participants benefit from tailored exercise therapy and guidance, educational content, guided breathing exercises, and support from a dedicated care team consisting of pelvic health physical therapists and board-certified women’s health coaches.

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