Hinge Health has introduced a new movement-based support program for menopause, specifically designed for those dealing with musculoskeletal (MSK) and pelvic health conditions. This innovative service, now part of Hinge Health’s digital MSK clinic, features a dedicated team of physical therapists who provide customized exercise therapy and lifestyle modifications to help alleviate joint and muscle pain, maintain muscle mass and bone density, and manage vasomotor symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings.

The decline in estrogen during menopause can worsen existing MSK and pelvic health issues and trigger new ones. Approximately 71% of individuals undergoing menopause experience joint and muscle pain, symptoms that are often neglected by traditional menopause care. This lack of attention contributes to significant physical, cognitive, and psychological issues, leading many women to leave the workforce.

To combat these challenges, Hinge Health is expanding its care approach to help alleviate menopause-related symptoms through movement and behavior-based therapies. Members will receive:

  • Specialized Guidance: Physical therapists and board-certified coaches, trained in menopause care, will offer personalized advice on lifestyle changes and exercise regimens.
  • Movement-Based Management: Exercises designed to strengthen bones through resistance and balance training, along with pelvic floor exercises, will help manage menopause symptoms.
  • Lifestyle and Behavior Strategies: Techniques such as guided breathing exercises aim to reduce vasomotor symptoms, joint pain, improve sleep, and lower stress levels.
  • Educational Resources and Provider Access: Members will gain a better understanding of their symptoms and available treatments, with access to in-network providers for comprehensive care.

“Engaging in regular physical activity can greatly decrease the severity and frequency of disruptive menopause symptoms,” stated Dr. Tamara Grisales, a Urogynecologist at Hinge Health. “Our exercise-focused programs are designed to complement traditional treatments like Hormone Replacement Therapy, providing a more holistic approach to menopause management.”

Inessa Lurye, Head of Women’s Health at Hinge Health, emphasized the broader benefits of the program: “Incorporating menopause care helps companies retain employees, enhance productivity, and achieve cost savings. Our movement-based therapy, combined with expert support, aims to improve the lives of women across the country and establish a new standard in holistic care.”

Hinge Health is dedicated to transforming pain management and prevention by connecting individuals with expert clinical care, both digitally and in-person. Utilizing advanced technology and AI, Hinge Health’s team of clinical experts provides personalized care directly via mobile devices. This approach has been shown to reduce pain by 68%, prevent 42% of new opioid prescriptions, and avoid more than half of joint replacement surgeries. Trusted by leading health plans and employers, including Land O’Lakes, L.L. Bean, Salesforce, and Verizon, Hinge Health serves 18 million people.

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