Helpful, an app aimed at assisting over 53 million American caregivers, has secured a $7.5M in seed funding made possible through Redesign Health. The app addresses the mounting challenges caregivers face by simplifying the administrative aspects of caregiving, bringing together insurance benefits, medical records, and resources in a user-friendly platform. This funding will help the company to broaden its services and extend its reach, effectively catering to the escalating demands faced by caregivers throughout the United States.

The app is laser-focused on reducing the administrative complexities tied to caregiving. Helpful combines essential components like insurance benefits, medical records, and customized care plans. This integration offers caregivers a seamless approach to managing their responsibilities while providing personalized benefits and medical condition training.

Founder and healthcare expert Wes Donohoe shared with TechCrunch commenting on the launch: “We are the only ones that showcase the loved one’s insurance benefits. We had to programmatically scrape insurance websites to pull this info because no API exists to access this information. We’re fortunate to be able to raise a considerable amount of capital, especially in this market, and the plan is going to be building products and integrating.”

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