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Yes.. It is indeed that time of the year again… YC Demo Day is around the corner and as always we made time to look through the hundreds of startups who just graduated from Y Combinator (Batch W23) to share our picks, who we believe can truly make an impact in the world of healthcare innovation. Sadly – and this is a first since we started curating this list – no femtech companies made it into YC this time.

Curious who made our list? Here we go! 

Digital Health

Finni Health: Empowering Autism Care Providers to Go Independent

“Our platform is simple: we provide everything providers need to go independent, from scheduling and billing to marketing and client support.”

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Sanvivo: Shopify for pharmacies in Europe

“Sanvivo builds a multisided platform to enable customers to order medications, get pharmaceutical advice, and book health services at local pharmacies in Europe. Just like Shopify for pharmacies. Sanvivo gives pharmacies software to take, fill and schedule delivery for online orders. We also bring instant demand through integrations with 3rd party consumer delivery companies.”

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Untether Labs: Smart scheduling for digital health clinics

“Digital Clinics are facing an existential problem – fix margins, or die. We’ve built a clinic, and seen the tech they need to fix their margins. Now we’re bringing this tech back to other clinics. For our first customer, we’re projected to generate $2.5M in revenue.”

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Vitalize Care: Improving the mental health of healthcare professionals

“Vitalize Care is on a mission to improve the mental health of healthcare professionals. From years of academic research, they are pioneering a model of care that addresses the unique challenges of working in healthcare. Through their platform, healthcare professionals can connect with certified coaches and peers who have been in their shoes before without month-long waits or the risk of losing their license. For healthcare employers, Vitalize Care provides data on clinical units and specialties at the highest risk of burnout and turnover.”

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Orchid: AI-powered EHR for independent mental health professionals

“Orchid is an AI-powered Electronic Health Record (EHR) for independent mental health professionals that saves them time, money, and frustration by integrating core administrative workflows, streamlining clinical processes, and automating manual flows.”

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Fairway Health: AI Co-Pilot for Health Insurers to Authorize Treatment Faster

Fairway Health is an AI-assistant for health insurers to quickly process patient treatment authorizations. We use LLMs to analyze long (70+ page), messy medical records and determine if a patient is eligible for a treatment.

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Kivo Health: Telehealth lung rehab

Kivo Health provides telehealth rehab for chronic lung disease patients. We offer an 8-week clinical program led by a live therapist, which saves payers $6,000 per patient. Only 3% of eligible patients are getting this life-changing therapy right now.

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Glass Health: Empowering clinicians with our platform for AI-assisted medical diagnosis and clinical decision-making.

“We empower clinicians with our platform for AI-assisted medical diagnosis and clinical decision-making.”

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Invitris: Creating new protein-based drugs at scale

“Invitris radically simplifies how we create novel biological drugs. Our patent-pending technology platform turns DNA into synthetic proteins and was recently featured in the Science magazine. It makes creating new drugs >10,000x more efficient at <100x lower costs of material. Our killer application is enabling the newest generation of synthetic bacteriophages to combat antibiotic-resistant infections, which are threatening to cause more deaths than all cancers combined.”

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Adventris Pharmaceuticals: Adventris makes cancer vaccines

“Adventris makes cancer vaccines. By teaching our body’s immune system to recognize and kill the drivers of cancer, we can eliminate the majority of all cancer deaths.”

TorMagnus Pharmaceuticals: Leveraging genetics and computation to find new therapies for disease

“At TorMagnus, we’re leveraging genetics and computation to identify new treatments for disease, starting with Parkinson’s disease.”

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Lavo Life Sciences: AI for Drug Formulation

“Lavo Life Sciences runs simulations of drug molecules on computers. Pharma companies use these simulations to guide their experiments and ultimately save time and money in the lab. This will de-risk and expedite clinical trials and FDA approval.”

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Pando Biosciences

Pando Bioscience is a Boston-based synthetic biology platform company aiming to dramatically expand the understanding of human diseases from genomes to interactomes, from single protein to protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks. We developed a multi-dimensional platform that combines high-throughput PPI detection and AI-powered analysis to better understand patients’ genotype-phenotype relationship. We aim to identify critical disease-related PPIs for future therapies, and most importantly, discover PPI-targeting drugs.

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