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Dallas-based startup Harbor, specializing in infant care technology, has successfully raised $3.7M in a seed funding round. The round was led by Trust Ventures, who were joined by Morrison Seger and Capital Factory. This follows Trust Ventures pre-seed investment in September 2022. Additional notable participants in the seed round include former NFL quarterback Tim and Demi-Leigh Tebow, retired US Professional Tennis player John and Madison Isner, NFL punter Thomas and Lauren Morstead, and entrepreneurs Sam and Sara Sodine Parr.

Founded by Kevin Lavelle and Charlie Hill, Harbor emerged from Lavelle’s personal experience with existing baby monitors. Identifying gaps in the market, particularly in reliability and functionality, the co-founders set out to develop a more advanced baby monitoring system.

Set to launch in May 2024, Harbor’s baby monitor boasts of features like uninterrupted local and remote streaming, a high-definition 2k camera, enhanced data privacy, and the ability to monitor multiple children simultaneously. Alongside the monitor, Harbor is introducing a groundbreaking Remote Night Nanny service, offering expert infant care and coaching at a fraction of traditional costs.

“This investment helps us launch to the world. Our mission is to create happier parents and healthier families, one restful night at a time. We’re democratizing access to sleep expertise and improving family wellness,” says co-founder Kevin Lavelle. “Technology should make our lives better. Today’s solutions increase anxiety in an already overwhelming and difficult time where we should be able to focus on our little ones. Parents and kids deserve a secure, reliable, quality baby monitor, and since none exist, Harbor has built just that.”

Harbor’s mission of creating happier parents and healthier families stems from the belief in the power of safe and good sleep while providing accessible and innovative sleep technology and democratized telehealth services. By partnering with Pediatric Sleep Experts as Remote Night Nannies, Harbor’s remote nanny services will become available for $20/night compared to the traditional $400-$700/night fees. Other telehealth services will include lactation and postpartum counseling, and sleep and wellness coaching. 

“Lauren and I care deeply about raising a happy, healthy family, and we’re thrilled to back what the team at Harbor is doing. We’ve experienced so much raising our kids and know Harbor will make a huge difference for parents everywhere,” says investor, Thomas Morstead.

Beginning February 2024, Harbor will initiate a waitlist campaign, offering early access to its products and services.

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